Take Me to Church

Join us for this reflection on love, sexuality, and spirituality in our lives. Whether single or partnered, straight, bi, or gay, cisgendered or trans, our sexuality is a significant and life-giving part of who we are spiritually.

Our Blue Planet

Climate change is real, and we are part of it. How do we nourish our spirits and foster hope, keeping ourselves from slipping into despair? Join us for music, meditation, and inspiration.

Making War, Making History

This Memorial Day, a US Army Chaplain reflects with us on the history of war: the large political stories and small personal stories that lead us toward or away from armed conflict. In our radically interconnected world, we awaken to the ways history has shaped … read more.

Mamas Day

This “Mamas Day” we hear a call to honor all those who mother, especially those who bear the brunt of hurtful policies or who are weighed down by stigma in our culture. We celebrate trans mamas, immigrant mamas, single mamas, lesbian mamas, young mamas, poor … read more.

Life’s Work

The economy is shaky, inequality is rising, and good jobs seem more scarce. Many of us don’t have family leave, sick time, or true vacations… This coming week we will celebrate international workers’ day, 130 years after the massive walkout that brought the U.S. the … read more.

Making the Connections

We live in a society that constantly tells us we’re individual producers and consumers – but we are so much more. Unitarian Universalism’s vision of the interconnected web draws us into deeper relationship with one another and with all life.

Our Fathers

Our UU of Somewhere parents’ group leads us in reflecting on fathers and fatherhood: the joy, the pain, the complexities. What have we tried to carry from one generation to the next? What do we wish to leave behind? What is the greatest blessing we’ve … read more.

Be a Blessing

In the book of Genesis, God says to Abram, “and you shall be a blessing.” Rachel Naomi Remen writes, “We are all born to be a blessing.” What does it mean to bless each other, and bless the world, with our lives? Join us for … read more.

Coming of Age in the 21st Century

Eight young people in our congregation have spent a year exploring Unitarian Universalism, values, faith, and action. They have created this service to reflect their experience of “Coming of Age,” our 9th-grade program, and to offer hopeful and fresh perspectives on living in these times.

As American as Apple Pie

Oliver KirkIn this season of action and exploration, we reflect on what it means to be American in 2017. In our communities, our cities, our states and our country, we have choices about how we’ll be and who we’ll be – to one another and to the world.

Waking Up to What Matters

In this age of climate injustice, systemic racism and exploitation, most of us struggle with a disconnect between what we value and how we live. How do we work within the realities of our lives to create something new? Join us to explore.

Owning Our Part of the Mess

When things get difficult, it’s easy to find someone else to blame. But on the other hand, it’s also easy to blame ourselves too much. How do we have the spiritual wisdom to recognize what’s our part of the mess—no more, no less—and take responsibility … read more.