Be a Blessing: Service May 22nd

In the book of Genesis, God says to Abram, “and you shall be a blessing.” Rachel Naomi Remen writes, “We are all born to be a blessing.” What does it mean to bless each other, and bless the world, with our lives? A member volunteers with us at a local Head Start.

Join us for the hands-on adventure of this all-ages service of blessing led by Joy Justicia, our religious educator along with our all-ages worship team. You are invited to bring any of the following “blessing ingredients” to the service:

  • Canned goods to give away
  • Pieces of colorful yarn
  • Pieces of colorful tissue paper
  • Live flowers
  • Small smooth stones

Whether you’re able to bring something or not, you’ll depart with something amazing. Questions? Contact Joy Justicia.

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