Topic: Women

Hope Keeps Rising

The Easter story is a powerful metaphor: the spirit of change cannot be suppressed forever. Hope cannot be killed on the cross. It keeps rising: rising like weeds through a sidewalk, like the green shoots of spring. Join people of all ages to feel the resilient power of hope.

Springtime Spirituality

Through the cold of winter, we long for spring. Yet we forget how slowly spring unfolds, and how many setbacks there are along the way. Join us on the eve of the Vernal Equinox to reflect on the spiritual lessons Nature has in store.

Life’s Work

The economy is shaky, inequality is rising, and good jobs seem more scarce. Many of us don’t have family leave, sick time, or true vacations… This coming week we will celebrate international workers’ day, 130 years after the massive walkout that brought the U.S. the 8-hour-workday, we reflect on the daily joys and struggles of … Continue reading Life’s Work

Making War, Making History

This Memorial Day, a US Army Chaplain reflects with us on the history of war: the large political stories and small personal stories that lead us toward or away from armed conflict. In our radically interconnected world, we awaken to the ways history has shaped us, and the ways we can shape history.

Our Blue Planet

Climate change is real, and we are part of it. How do we nourish our spirits and foster hope, keeping ourselves from slipping into despair? Join us for music, meditation, and inspiration.

Well-Behaved Women Rarely Make History

Drawing our title from a popular bumper sticker, we reflect on the art of creating positive change: in our lives and in the world.  When is it better to speak our minds, even if it gets us in trouble? When is it better to keep quiet and play along?